Rand Schulman and Eric Enge talk about Web Analytics

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 by Adam Broadway | BC

Candid interview about web analytics:

....then we had the dotcom turn down, and the notions of simply grabbing more eyeballs, and getting more hits fell out of favor. People woke up and started to understand that the online business was really very much the same as the offline business. And, everybody has heard since that we have developed really four primary site types that mirror the offline business world.

Those are:
(1) sites that are geared towards selling more products (e-commerce sites);
(2) sites that are geared towards capturing leads (lead-generation sites);
(3) sites built around the media model of stickiness and getting users to return to the site more often and stay longer so that one could present advertising;
(4) self service sites, where the principal benefit is to reduce cost or retain a customer loyalty by making the site easier to use.  Examples of self service sites are airline sites, hotel reservation sites, and banking sites. Another example of a self service site is the internal intranet self service site. On those sites, we are trying to help optimize knowledge workers by simplifying access to knowledge bases.